Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emilio Chapela - Spectacular... but empty

It has become frequent to discover a lot of attempts in art (some of them desperate and others really intelligent) to amaze us, like if we were watching a fireworks spectacle. Art is becoming big, shinny, glossy, noisy and very expensive to produce. But most of all, it is becoming spectacular.

Spectacular… but empty, it is a piece that both takes part in the game of the spectacle, and criticize it. It makes a circular comment in such a way that it contradicts itself: It says clear and loud: This is spectacular! And at the same time it says (silently), but it is empty too. But don’t be confused: I love Spectacular art! For Raul Zamudio-Taylor Spectacular... but empty (2008) by Emilio Chapela “it is an ironic allusion to Guy Debord’s important situationist book titled the Society of the Spectacle published in 1967”

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