Tuesday, September 23, 2008

About Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is an activity adapted from a series of successful fundraising art events in the United States organized by museums and artists with the purpose of raising funds for organizations dedicated to promoting contemporary art.

This event consists of a lottery of donated works of art by national and international contemporary artists who are participants in areas such as painting, sculpture, photography, video, etc.

Tickets for this lottery will be distributed exclusively by MARTE Contemporáneo to potential young collectors who will attend the event themselves or will send a representative. The tickets will cost $100 and will be valid for two persons. Each ticket will be numbered and will be placed in a raffle box. Ticket holders will be able to choose their preferred work of art as their number is randomly being called.

The donating artists plus one will be able to attend the event with the purpose of interacting and meeting personally with the young collectors who are present at the event.


Hocus Pocus is an event in which the artists and MARTE Contemporáneo unite to promote contemporary art in El Salvador.

MARTE Contemporáneo’s role is to serve as a link between artists and potential young collectors in order to motivate these young people to interact with the museum and to become involved in the contemporary arts, while at the same time creating an extensive database for future events.

The artist's role is not limited to donating a single work of art. This donation turns them into participating members of MARTE Contemporáneo who can offer ideas and opinions for future events to the members of the board. Their role is also to train the eye of the collectors and make them aware o new tendencies in contemporary art.


Create a meeting between young collectors and contemporary artists.

Motivate artists to create elaborate works with innovative and original characteristics through traditional or alternative mediums in the form of a high quality work.

The works can be parts of s series or unique.

Three works will be selected by a jury made of expert international and national curators based on its quality. The artist of the first of these three works selected will be awarded with a personal exhibition at the Galeria 1-2-3, (date to be defined) one of the most recognized galleries in the country. The winners will not be announced until all the participants have chosen a work of art.


Participating artists (both national and international) must have previously been invited by MARTE Contemporáneo to donate one work of art per artist.

They can be unique works or editions (in such cases the edition must be numbered).

The work will be 100% donated. If it is a part of a series the rest of the edition may remain as the artist’s property. The works must arrive at MARTE in proper presentation and ready to be exhibited.


Each artist and young participant will receive a catalog at the beginning of the event for reference purposes. The catalog will contain images of all the work exhibited along with the author, the technique, the date and the dimensions.

Each artist who donates an art work will receive a one year free pass for one person to the museum.

The artist of the winning art work who will exhibit at Galeria 1-2-3 will also have a personal catalogue of his or her exhibition made for the public.

Each art work will be authenticated.


All works must be turned in at MARTE by September 30 from 9:00a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The date of the event is scheduled for Thursday, October 9 2008 at Teatro Presidente’s lobby at 8:30 p.m.

That same day the winners of the event will be announced and the yearly passes will be distributed to the artists.

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