Thursday, January 26, 2012

Museo de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE)
MARTE Contemporáneo

"Scale of Values"
by Walterio Iraheta
January 26th to March 8th 2012

The development of Walterio Iraheta’s piece has been focused, almost from the beginning of his career, to work with new languages. Belonging to the first generation of Salvadorians artists that called themselves as "contemporary," certainly has given a sense of responsibility as an actor in a new regional scenario. This sense has promoted and allowed him to experiment with new forms of expression. This is not the first time that this artist reinvents himself, and we are positive it will not be the last.
Walterio's work reflects on some essential aspects of our society, of our daily lives and what appears to be the immanence of unavoidable and threatening situations that affect us.
The aesthetic factor, the order and the cleaning have been characteristic of his work. Now the artist wanted to enter the numeric item, the account idea, the measurement and calculation, somehow referring to statistics related to violence, but also to how difficult it can be to change patterns of antisocial behavior. As a medium, he uses everyday objects carefully arranged, that acquire new meanings when context is altered.
His pieces with tonal degradations, either in colors or monochrome, can be read as metaphors of tolerance: a reflection about the respect for the ideas, beliefs or practices that may be beyond us. In a society that has been polarized for too long, it seems that the new speeches want to opt out of certain patterns and take alternative paths better suited to the realities of our time.

Rodolfo Molina
January 2012
The MARTE Contemporary program is sponsored by Mario Cáder-Frech and the MARTE Contemporary Committee.