Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MARTE Contemporáneo Announces the Results of the Hocus Pocus Charity Events

MARTE Announces its Contemporary Art Program for 2009

SAN SALVADOR, December 1, 2008 - MARTE Contemporáneo’s committee announces the results of their successful charity event Hocus Pocus, organized to raise funds with the purpose of benefiting the arts program at the Museum of Contemporary Art in El Salvador (MARTE). At the same time, MARTE announces the contemporary art program for 2009.

The Hocus Pocus charity event raised a total of $ 11,800 through the sale of tickets for a raffle of donated art works, by national and international artists. These funds will become MARTE’s contemporary art programming. Tentative for 2009:

-Grant for an artist to represent El Salvador in the exhibition Patricia Belli
-Display of a national collective in MARTE
-Display of Video art in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, Florida
-Cultural exchange and exhibition in collaboration with the Art Center in the Bronx, New York
-Exhibition of donated art works by international artists managed by MARTE Contemporáneo
-Launch of book MARTE Contemporáneo

In addition, MARTE Contemporary announced the three artists that participated in the Hocus Pocus event who won to receive a collective exhibition at the Galleria 1-2-3 during 2009: Simon Vega, Jaime Izaguirre and Alexia Miranda.

The charity event Hocus Pocus was a "lottery" of 59 works donated by national and international artists who are in the field of contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, etc.. Tickets for the raffle had a cost of $ 100 and were provided by MARTE Contemporáneo exclusively to young collectors, raising a total of $ 5,900, which was doubled by adding a private donation that brought it to a total of $ 11,800. Each ticket was numbered and placed in an urn. One by one, the tickets were drawn randomly and collectors had the opportunity to choose the available work he liked best, depending on when his turn was and the available remaining artwork. "In fact it was an event full of energy, very exciting and a great opportunity to meet the artists and hear in person about their concepts,” said Rodolfo Schildknecht, one of the young collectors that assisted the charity event.

The artists participating in the event Hocus Pocus donated a piece for the raffle, these works were exhibited from October 7th to the 9th in the lobby of the President Theater and were qualified for their innovation by an invited jury composed by: John Sanchez, Director of the Center Cultural de España in El Salvador, Susan Lee-Chung, an artist and independent curator from Miami, Florida; Elizabeth Diaz Soto, Mexican gallerist; Rebeca Davila, Director of CENAR in El Salvador. The invited jury chose Simon Vega, Jaime Izaguirre and Alexia Miranda, who won awards as a collective exhibition at the Galleria 1-2-3 scheduled for 2009. The donated works can be seen in www.MarteContemporaneo.blogspot.com. "This is a collaboration between artists, collectors and gallery owners to support the Museum's program," said Alexia Miranda, who added: "For me it was a great opportunity to deal with over 50 young collectors, to share my ideas and also get the opportunity to exhibit.”