Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crossed Effects

Crossed effects
January 17th to March 17th, 2013

Does it all that is solid melts into the liquid?

"The only certain is uncertainty."
Zigmunt Bauman

With the Crossed Effects exhibit, the career of the Guatemalan Sandra Monterroso recognizes a point of arrival, but also an interaction of multiple connotations regarding her concerns and previous searches. If Sandra Monterroso communicative intentions have been recurring since the beginning of her artistic activity around the use of media such as performance, video and installation—but also the interest in drawing or in the broad chart presence—in Crossed Effects nearly all those languages ​​are present, but in a hybrid way as vindicating her presence; at the same time, it shows certain dissolution, very committed in keeping the same directions of the sample.
If the issues that Sandra Monterroso has addressed have been marked by the re games and negotiations around the identity and its determinants (from the feminine universe to the social and intimate side; from the cultural to the political; from the contemporary to the ancestral; from the memory to the desire), in the particular conditions of Guatemalan context; in Crossed Effects, without losing those necessary background conditions of in situ reflection. Her concerns are expanded into an area where the local interacts with the global; the personal with the social and the cultural; as well as moving to a more intimate space: to a more introspective place marked by uncertainties and questions rather than certainties or accurate answers.
The different symbolic and formal elements that Sandra Monterroso proposed to work on her exhibit have took her beyond that "liquid" character proposed by the philosopher Zigmunt Bauman, to emphasize that elusive, fleeting, ephemeral condition perceived in current social and human relations. Thus, the interaction of natural elements such as water and body with respect to other physical materials—wires, tubes and plastic—either industrial or artisanal, here are transformed under this "liquid" effect, at the very moment of assembling the exposure.
In the case of Crossed Effects, the fading-degradation processes refer to some spoliation, giving ambiguity in parts in terms of a violent cultural appropriation. In addition, presence of yellow represents south, while the ellipse expresses indirectly the geopolitical connotations of the sample.

Ernesto Calvo

Sandra Monterroso (Guatemala, 1974). She graduated with a BA in graphic design at the Rafael Landivar University (2000) and she obtained a Master degree in design processes in the Popular Autonomous University of Puebla in Mexico (2007). She has six solo exhibitions of her work and over thirty group exhibitions. She has received the following distinctions: 3rd. place in Latin American Art Auction Juannio (2011) and Honorable Mention (2006); Honorable Mention in the Art Biennial Paiz (2008) and the 1st. Glyph Gold Award (2006); she also received the 1st. Prize at the Central America Video Contest "Restless Image" at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Costa Rica (2004) and at the 1st National Exhibition of Prints of Guatemala (2005).

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