Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Susan Lee-Chun - The Suz in da' House

The merging of all three “Suz” into a single entity is to fuse art and artist to form a brand or new authentic identity. As a real brand and "corporate mission," The Suz is about bringing more to the table than the typical experience, it's "faux real authentic." Intrigued by the economy of the experience, The Suz will organize activities catered and devised to render an “authentic” experience incorporating installation, video, and performance. These multi-media projects are produced to challenge the boundaries between art, artist, and audience. Also, their symbolic presence as an authentically fake/real company, in the work is the catalyst to the development of a new series of experience-based projects devised to address the notions of authenticity, identity, and perceptions.

For the exhibition at MARTE, The Suz will be presenting a fabricated set that will consist of a custom designed (faux) kitchen, specifically constructed to accommodate a cooking show hosted by Sue in front of a live audience. This premiere episode and demo will feature the making of a special "faux real" Asian dish.

An excerpt about the cooking show:

Sue, raised in the southern region of the United States, will colorfully detail how to create an "authentic" Asian dish. Her travels to all over the United States of America has taught her what it takes to make the quintessential Asian dish, just like the ones you have at your local Chinese restaurant. She may even share an ancient Chinese secret- a special ingredient only produced by The Suz.

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