Thursday, August 19, 2010

COUNTERS - Abby Manock

Museo de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE)

MARTE Contemporáneo



By Abby Manock

October 14th through December 12, 2010

“Counters” (3 min. 15 sec. video, 2009) proposes a research about the subjectivity of value and exchange through a hypnotic seduction sequence, production, modification, transportation and the subversive as the dreamy sound of the "5 count soundtrack. "

Since its inception at Gallery Diet, in January 2009, “Counters” has traveled to various places in New York, Los Angeles, Maine, and Connecticut and internationally to Liverpool, England; Yokohama, Japan, and now, MARTE.

Every time the video is shown, Manock will choose a different scene to expand off the screen, building a new sculptural space. Each scene is created with the various themes, keeping the space of the exhibit in mind. By disassembling the original stage material and the modular parts of new installations, past sculptural elements are reinvented for the new environment of each exhibition.

Countercrop, at MARTE, is an extension of the "Orchard” scene; the first scene in the original video. In this embodiment, the viewer is invited to enter into the Manock world - a world that is extremely specific in the order of color. Through its exploration of the environment, each viewer becomes a character in the aesthetic world of the artist; "every person counts.”