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INTIMARIO - PROYECTOS INÉDITOS - Friday, March 29th 2009.


Friday, March 29th 2009.


Proyectos Inéditos

Alexia Miranda
Jaime Izaguirre
Simón Vega

This exhibition brings together the works and proposals that, despite possessing various themes, share the experimental and intimate character of the three artists selected by the curatorial committee of MARTE Contemporáneo, during the Hocus Pocus auction/exhibit held in November 2008.
The paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos that comprise this exhibition present various points regarding the process of each artist; the exhibit is based upon those works of art that seldom leave their studios and that offer the viewer a direct approach to the creative act in its various phases.

Taken from the Intimario Blog ( – published by Alexia Miranda.

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