Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flowers and Thorns

Museo de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE)
MARTE Contemporáneo

"Flowers and Thorns"
A kiss from the heaven to the vicious gardens
April 19th to June 17th, 2012

Flowers and Thorns is an exhibition that comes from an invitation to decode, to investigate and to comment on eternal issues. Here, artists are involved with their work—not as spectators but as actors—within the space offered by the French-Salvadorian artist Ahtzic Silis and the Museum of Art in El Salvador.
Within the invitation to participate in this exhibition, Salvadorians artists and from other nationalities were invited to enrich this chapter Flowers and Thorns, by giving them a complete aesthetic, technical and discursive freedom in their approaches and interpretations on the issues surrounding the exhibition.
A requirement of the call is the following format for the pieces: 7 x 7 cm and to deliver the amount of at least five of them. If the participant works with more than five pieces, the amount should correspond to a multiple of five, all of these are displayed with the original series.
After the exhibit, works will be shown in other spaces that welcome them as an integral part of themselves and as a record of the established dialogue, also be exhibited, permanently, in Silis Ahtzic gallery in the city of Lyon (France) and on the website dedicated to the project.
Silis Ahtzic was born in El Salvador on November 20, 1972. He met the ignominy of the civil war that undermined his country and then the fragile peace that continues disjointed. He left his country because of the lack of cohesion by the artists and the lack of initiative by Salvadoran institutions, so he decided to go to meet other people, other cultures, and other techniques. He began his journey through Central America, after Mexico, Turkey and finally France, where he lives and works for some years now.

The MARTE Contemporary program is sponsored by Mario Cáder-Frech and the MARTE Contemporary Committee.

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